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Thank you for choosing Phillipe Jourdan

Rest assured that Phillipe Jourdan uses only top quality materials – slight marks and colour variations should not be considered as a fault, but inherent characteristics of the products.

To prolong the lifespan of Phillipe Jourdan’s products, we also encourage shoppers to adopt the following care tips:

Handbags and items made of synthetic material can be cleaned with soap and water. For nylon/canvas, it is preferable to use a small brush with soap and water, after which it is left out to dry. When storing your accessories, they should not be allowed to come into contact with one another, as some finishes may stick together.

Avoid storing in extremes of heat, humidity, dryness or cold.

In most cases stains can be wiped off leather products with a clean, lightly moistened cloth. Saddle soap is not recommended, as it may remove the natural oils. Please confirm the suitability of your leather cream by testing it on a less noticeable area first.

As leather is a natural skin, it requires constant conditioning just like your own skin. Apply a good quality leather conditioner occasionally, depending on how frequently the leather product is used. Conditioners should applied with a soft, fine, lint-free dry cloth and carefully rubbed into the leather product.

After cleaning and conditioning, leather products should be protected from additional stains and dirt. A light coating of waterproof cream or spray prevents moisture from seeping into the leather's pores.

Always store leather in a dry, cool place away from heat. Use a thin, cotton bag to cover the leather.